Energy Saving Options

Innovation to Stop Energy Loss

Majestic windows are available with a variety of energy-efficient glass packages. These impressive glass packages combine advanced features to provide increased resistance to temperature fluctuations and help keep your home comfortable year round.

LowE GLASS Designed to efficiently and transparently reflect heat, this glass helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Tripple Pane Glass
TRIPLE PANE GLASS Three panes of glass mean six surfaces of the window pane. This in turn means more surfaces for Low-E coatings that can keep the thermal energy produced indoors where it belongs – and not heating up the air outside your home! There are also insulation benefits to triple pane glass windows because of the two internal filled spaces rather than just one as in double-paned. These spaces are filled with air, argon or krypton and work to stop heat transfer, as well as cutting down on noise.

Argon Krypton gass
ARGON Argon Gas, 190% denser than air, slows down the movement of the air within the airspace, reducing the transfer of heat to cold for improved energy efficiency.

Foam filled frame
FOAM FILLED FRAME Foam-filled frame and sashes increase the insulating value of the window by up to 30%. This translates into a 3-8% improvement in the window’s overall U-Value, enhancing condensation resistance and improving frame rigidity.